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 hi, dear friends, My name is Rana Farrukh and I'm very efficient and active blogger from Pakistan. My blog contains on INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL, LOVE, SPIRITUAL COMFORT and GREETINGS Quotations...


Officially Explored On 29 December 2018. Our blog was built from scratch into the blockbuster it is today. it's the start of my blog. I hope that the people who will visit this blog never disappoint with our Quotations...
the Quotes I'm using in my blog these are the words of great people now they are ideal's to our youngster's...
The personalities who are mentioned in my blog...
  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Martin Luther King Jr
  4. Bill Gates
  5.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  6. Theo Epstein
  7. Jack Ma
  8. Pope Francis
  9. Melinda Gates
  10. Jeff Bezos
and many more other personalities you might like...

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Our Quotes is free service to our beloved audience, supported by ad revenue generated from ads appearing by Google Adsense on our blog. We make sure the ads shown on our blog are family-friendly, and we value our audience, and want everyone to Like us!

Words of Real Personalities

When you search the pages of Quotes, you will find quotations spoken by real people not characters from popular plays, books or movies. If you discover an author who is a character and not a real human being, let us know and we will make our mistake correct. help me let me help you through the Quotations which are mentioned in my blog...

City: Lahore Pakitan 

I was born in Sialkot city of Pakistan Which famous by handmade sports equipment...  
Types Of Equipment
  1. Football which is very famous...
  2. Cricket bats
  3. Volleyball
  4. Hockey

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